Advanco General Insurance Agency


How to Report a Claim:

  • Your insurance policy requires you to report a claim as soon as possible. It is important for you to call the insurance company and file a claim immediately.
  • An experienced Claims Representative will help answer any immediate questions you may have. The claims rep may also schedule an inspection appointment with you if required. It is important for you to discuss any questions you have about what is covered on your policy, your deductibles, etc. with your assigned Claims Rep.
  • For your convenience, we have listed the Claims Department phone numbers for some of the major insurance companies. This information can also be found on your Insurance ID Cards or Policy Documents. The Claims Department will need to know your policy number so please have it ready when you call.

(800) 282-1446

(866) 322-3214

(800) 274-7865

(800) 334-0090

(800) 220-1351

(800) 274-7865

(800) 503-3724

(800) 962-1172

(800) 776-4737

(800) 332-3226

(800) 252-4633

(800) 238-6225