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Renters InsuranceRenters Insurance is purchased by individuals that live in a rented house or an apartment and provides coverage for personal property and personal liability. The personal property coverage of a renters policy will help pay for the repair or replacement of personal items in your rented unit.

You will store some of your most valuable personal items and possessions in your rented house and apartment, and that is precisely why it is important for you to purchase a renters policy to protect yourself in the event of a fire, theft, water damage, and other events. Your landlord may have a policy for their own protection and building structure, but you will need to purchase your own renters policy to protect yourself and family. The best part is that a renter's policy can be purchased at relatively low and affordable rates to ensure your peace of mind.

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Note: Policy description of coverage provided on our website are simplified and not a statement of contract. Description is only for general informational purposes. Please refer to your specific policy documents and endorsements for complete details of coverage, conditions, restrictions, and limits.